Over the past several years, the Turkey Leg has  become a staple of Disney cuisine. Families usually stand in long lines at both Disneyland and California Adventure to enjoy a freshly cooked Turkey Leg. Recently, Troubadour Tavern (next to Fantasyland Theatre at Disneyland) began to offer BBQ Turkey Legs. Priced about 2$ more than the classic, this new Turkey Leg is something to be enjoyed! #DisneyMagicTips

Earlier this week marked the end of a Disney icon, Paradise Pier at Disney’s California Adventure. Paradise Pier was an homage to ol’ seaside fun boasting with traditional rides, games and food. But even Disney is saw an opportunity to grow and expand. Starting Summer of 2018, Disney will introduce Pixar Pier. The new format will simply changes the skin and not the bones that make up the pier. All the rides, games and food will be updated with your favorite Pixar Characters. We simply can’t wait to see all the new Disney Magic! #DisneyMagicTips