Disney Parks Wildlife
Ducks, Swans, Sparrows, Cats and Turtles are just some of the Natural wildlife living at Disney Parks. These animals help solve a variety of issues like pest, insect or vegetation control. Certified veterinarians ensure their health & safety. If you see one say “Hi!”, but from a distance. #DisneyMagicTips

WALT’S WALL (aka Test Wall) Legend says, In 1954 Walt Disney hand-built this “Test Wall” to show masonry workers Disneyland’s unique brick look. Originally built in the middle of Mainstreet, it’s now resting outside the Lockers next to the Starbucks on Mainstreet. #DisneyMagicTips

Star Tours has been updated to include new characters & planets from Star Wars Episode 8 including a sneak peak at Star Wars Land. It’s a must for any fan! #DisneyMagicTips