New Ticket Prices (2018)
With Pixar Pier, Star Wars Land and Marvel Land on the horizon, it’s no surprise that Disney quietly increased its single day, multi-day and annual passholder ticket prices today.

Disneyland Railroad
One of Walt’s favorite attractions, the DRR has been operational since opening day 7/17/55. It circles a 1.2 mile track around the park, giving you 18-20 minutes to relax and enjoy the view. “All aboard!” #DisneyMagicTips @disneymagictips #Disneyland

On 02/07/1953 Disney released a film about a wodden boy, his inventor, a wise cricket and a wish made upon a star. Full of iconic scenes and characters it’s an animated classic. @disneymagictips #DisneyMagicTips

Star Wars Land
This week, Disney parks released the official Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge merchandise. Be the first to get the products from (that fans loving refer to) Star Wars Land! @DisneyMagicTips #DisneyMagicTips

Peter Pan
On 02/05/1953 Disney released a film about an imaginative boy that refuses to grow up, a fairy that likes to tinker and the pirate who hates all. @disneymagictips #DisneyMagicTips

Sleeping Beauty
On 01/29/1959 Disney released this iconic love story about a Princess, a spindle and love’s true kiss. The castle at Disneyland is modeled after this film and you can even go inside! @DisneyMagicTips #DisneyMagicTips